Archangel Media

Archangel Media is a Lehigh Valley-based visual media production company offering still photography and videography services for all occasions and needs, serving the mid-atlantic regions of Delaware, Philadelphia, Lehigh and Mahoning Valleys, and the Poconos. We approach our assignments from a photojournalist, documentary perspective; we are there as observers to capture your moments as they unfold, in order to preserve the truth and atmosphere of the day. That said, we are always willing to take on assignments for portraiture, interior landscapes, or anything else where artistry is paramount. Founded in 2012, we have rapidly grown from college students to young professionals with connections at every corner of the Lehigh Valley. As such, we like to consider ourselves a “concierge” company; that is to say we are happy to serve your needs either through our services or by referring you to one of our many partners and clients across dozens of business classifications. Please click here to learn more.

ArchangelMediaWe set ourselves apart from our competition in two major ways: We believe that client communication, interaction, and input is successful to completing the project quickly, on-budget, and to the client’s specifications. Additionally, all of our equipment is owned in-house, ensuring that we will never have to delay a project due to unavailable rentals and that we intimately know each piece of gear we use. Please click here to learn more about the state-of-the-art equipment that we use and recommend. Our clients include DeSales and Villanova Universities, The Catholic Dioceses of Wilmington & Allentown, The Oblates of St. Francis de Sales, The Salesian Center for Faith and Culture, St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, The Forum for Ethics in the Workplace, The Lehigh Conference of Churches, The Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges, Sodexo, Croslis Realty, and many others, as well as countless individual clients. As devout Roman Catholics groomed in the spirituality of St. Francis de Sales, we aim to give glory to God through the talents we have been given. We specialize in Catholic weddings and other ceremonies.


Nate Bridge, President

Originally hailing from New Castle County, Delaware, Nate moved to the Lehigh Valley in 2009 to study Television & Film at DeSales University. Already a well-seasoned still photographer from his time as chief photographer and photo editor of his high school yearbook at Salesianum in Wilmington, DE, he was asked to continue those responsibilities at DeSales. As his skills grew in both photography and videography, he garnered the attention of other entities at DSU and beyond and, while still a student, his freelance career in the Lehigh Valley began. Nate nate1 cropgraduated with honors in 2013, and immediately decided to stay in the Lehigh Valley and move in with a friend in East Allentown, where he currently resides. Outside of work, Nate enjoys cooking, biking, playing piano or one of his five other instruments, playing console and PC games such as The Legend of Zelda series, Overwatch, and Team Fortress 2, and caring for his two chinchillas, Bernie and Genji.







Rachel Castellan, Artistic & Aesthetic Consultant

Having always been fascinated by the beauty of the world around her and representing it through stunning works of pencil art, Rachel was eager to develop her photography abilities as an extension of that passion. Though always interested in photography, she took a class as an elective in college to better understand the Rach Portraitprinciples of exposure, and has since developed an eye for fine details that captures images in a style similar to her other artistic endeavors. She often accompanies and advises Nate on assignments that are more artistic in concept, and serves as a second shooter and general assistant from time to time. She enjoys drawing & painting, reading, horseback riding, and the beauty of nature. Rachel lives in Allentown, PA and is currently working as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant while taking classes at Lehigh Carbon Community College in pursuit of her RN degree.





Why “Archangel”?

The origin of our name can be traced to several sources of inspiration. Most prominently, “Archangel” comes from St. Michael the Archangel. In Roman Catholic tradition, St. Michael, an angel of the highest rank and leader of the army of Heaven, was responsible for the defeat of Lucifer and his banishment to Hell. Today, he serves as the faithful’s chief protector against the forces of evil throughout life and at the St. Michaelmoment of death. Nate, whose given name is Nathan Michael, developed a profound devotion to St. Michael during his time in college when he joined a men’s spirituality group in college. When Nate was a senior, he had to create a fictional production company for his senior film. With this devotion in mind, he adopted the name “Archangel Productions”. When he graduated and began to explore his career as a full-time freelancer, he carried this name into his new company, Archangel Media, as he felt that, rather than going the typical route of “Nate Bridge Photography”,  it was important to reflect his devotion in a more public arena, and that it would help to differentiate his business in a market dominated by those who simply use their name as their business title.